About me


Jorge Machado, Brazilian.

Since 2005, Associate professor of Public Policy at the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities of the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Lecturer (2003-4) of the Department of Political Sciences at the Institute of Philosophy and Human SciencesUniversity of Campinas, Brazil. 

Research-fellow (2004) National Council of Research (
CNPq), author of books, articles and essays published in Brazil, USA and Spain about Information Technologies and Public Policy. 

Researcher of the
COLAB, University of S. Paulo.
For a complete view of academic activities and publications, see Curriculum Vitae in Lattes Plataform / CNPq

Academic Formation

* Post-doctoral studies, Institute of Philosophy and Human Sciences, University of Campinas, Brazil (2004).

* Doctoral thesis in Sociology ("Sobresaliente cum laude by unanimity") in the Program "Socio-political Analysis of Contemporaneous Society, organized by University of Granada  with University of Complutense de Madrid and University Autonoma of Madrid - Spain (2001)

* Diplom of Advanced Studies in Political Sciences and Administration at University of Granada (2001).

* Specialization in Latin-American studies as research-fellow of National Council of Research (CNPq) at the Latin-American Centre of Culture and Communication of the University of Sao Paulo (CELACC/USP) (1996-97)

* Degree in Social Sciences at the University of S. Paulo (1996)