General Rules

General Rules of the V BXComp – 5th Programming Championship for Information Systems Freshmen – 2015


In order to participate in the V BXComp, the student must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled at EACH-USP’s Information Systems undergraduate program;

  • Have registered at the Information Systems undergraduate program in 2015;

  • Have attended in 2015, for the first time, the Introduction to Programming course (module ACH2001), or have made use of transfer credits from a similar course previously attended

  • The student cannot have made use of transfer credits for any courses related to programming or data structures, except for the ones equivalent to IP (Introduction to Programming).


To subscribe, the interested student must constitute his team, consisting of three or four students, and fill the team registration form available at the championship’s website ( ).

Each team must have a name, which must not make reference to profanities or pejorative words..

Subscriptions are free and can be done from August 12 to August 26 of 2015.


  1. The number of teams is restricted to the physical capacity of two SI labs (around 30 teams);

  2. The championship will be held if at least three teams are registered.


The championship will consist of seven rounds, with a score system. The rounds will occur on Wednesdays, in the laboratory 5 (with the possibility of extension to other laboratory if necessary) of the Information Systems undergraduate program (third corridor of the CB building, 2nd floor). All the rounds will happen at 2:00 p.m. and will last two hours.

02/09 Round 1
16/09 Round 2
23/09 Round 3
30/09 Round 4
07/10 Round 5
14/10 Round 6
21/10 Round 7

Round’s dates of BXComp 2015
Das Rules

  1. Each competitor is allowed to be in only one team.

  2. The teams will be ranked according to their points on every round.

  3. In the competition days, in order to score points, each team must have at least two present competitors in the round.

  4. Only competitors that are present personally at the laboratory where the round will be executed can participate in the round.

  5. Late competitors cannot participate in the championship round. Competitors that arrive after the exit of first team will be considered late.

  6. There are no coaches for any team. The teams are composed only by the competitors.

  7. On each round, one or more challenges will be presented, and each one will be worth a number of points previously determined.

  8. Each team will have 2 hours to solve the challenge(s) of the round.

  9. The challenges must be solved using the Java programming language.

  10. The use of the IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) available in the computers is allowed, as well as the use of text editors.

  11. The operating system used on the rounds is Ubuntu.

  12. Each round will have a maximum score of 12 points, which are associated with the number of challenges correctly submitted by the team.

    • An exception related to the maximum score and round execution’s format will happen in two special rounds, which will be explained and disclosed during the execution of the championship.

  13. At the end of the championship, in case of tie in the ranking, the following criteria, in the presented order, will be used to choose the best team, among the tied ones.

    • 1st The highest sum of “submissions of correct resolutions” during the championship.

    • 2nd The lowest sum of “time of challenges resolution” during the championship.

    • 3rd The lowest sum of “submissions of wrong resolutions” during the championship.

    • 4th The lowest sum of absences of team members during the championship.

  14. At the end of each round, the general ranking, as well as the rankings by team and by round, will be updated according to the total score of each round and will be available on the championship’s website and Facebook page. The result of the penultimate round will not be available before the end of the championship.

  15. It is prohibited the communication between the teams during the rounds.

  16. It is prohibited the use of any reference material during the rounds.

  17. It is prohibited to exit the laboratory during the round.

  18. The teams that disobey the rules 15, 16 and 17 will not score in the Ranking on the corresponding round

  19. Demonstrations of bad behavior, such as speak perjuries or get up from the chair in order to take the attention of the other teams, are not allowed. Teams that disrespect this rule will be adverted and, at the third warning, the team will be disqualified from the round.

  20. In case of plagiarism, all the teams involved will be disqualified from the championship.

  21. All the participants that attend to, at least, 70% of the championship, will receive a certificate of participation.

Final considerations

  1. The PET-SI group is not responsible for any kind of failure in the laboratory infrastructure. However, before every round, a checking procedure is made in order to assure that only working machines will be used. If any adverse problem happens, the organization has autonomy to make crisis management decisions.

  2. Any cases not foreseen in this set of rules will be analyzed by the championship organization.