Rodrigo Hirata Willemart, PI


I did my undergraduate studies at the University of São Paulo (2000), where I also have defended my PhD, in the Zoology Department (2005). During this period I have also worked at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba (Argentina) and the Université de Bourgogne (France). In 2006-2007 I was a PostDoctoral research fellow at the University of Nebraska (USA), and during this period I have also worked at Harvard University (USA). In 2008 I was PostDoctoral research fellow in the Zoology Department of the University of São Paulo. In 2014 I worked at Aberystwyth University, in Wales. Since 2008 I am a professor at School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities of the University of São Paulo.

Complete CV:



Bruna Taques Gomes

Bruna Taques GomesShe is carrying out a study about the studies on sensory ecology in Brazil and also preparing a manuscript on the sensory ecology of cave arachnids.

Elene da Silva Souza

Elene da Silva SouzaShe has worked on the predatory interaction between harvestmen and spiders (see Publications) and is now involved in a project on the use of environmental cues for spatial orientation in the harvestman Discocyrtus pectinifemur.

Guilherme Pagoti

Guilherme PagotiHe is studying the use of space and displacements of the harvestman Jussara sp. in the field. The ultimate goal is to obtain information about how males and females get to find each other.

Nathalia Fernandes

Nathalia FernandesShe is studying the evolution and sexual dimorphism of sensory setae in harvestmen of the family Gonyleptidae (Arachnida, Opiliones).

Suelyn Barbosa de Lima

Suelyn Barbosa de LimaShe is studying the sexual behavior of the harvestman Gryne perlata (Opiliones, Cosmetidae).

Co-advised students

Alessandra Zola Ramin

Alessandra Zola RaminA student at the Institute of Biosciences of the University of São Paulo (IBUSP), she is studying the ontogenetical development of glandular openings in the harvestman Heteromitobates albiscriptus (Opiliones, Gonyleptidae). The project is advised by Pedro Gnaspini (IBUSP).

Erika Portela

Erika PortelaShe is a student at the Federal University of Amazonia (UFAM). Her project is about the influences of chemical cues on habitat choice in spiders of the family Ctenidae. This project is advised by Thierry Gasnier (UFAM).

Former students

Barbara Crespo Dias

Barbara Crespo DiasShe has studied the predatory interaction between the spider Ctenus ornatus (Ctenidae) and the harvestman Mischonyx cuspidatus (Gonyleptidae). We are currently preparing the manuscripts.

Gilson Costa dos Santos

Gilson Costa dos SantosHe has studied the use of chemical cues in learning in the harvestman Discocyrtus invalidus.

Jessica Silva Campanha

Jessica Silva CampanhaShe has studied the possible uses of the spoon shaped pedipalps in cosmetid harvestmen.

Luanda Abrão de Carvalho

Luanda Abrão de CarvalhoShe has studied the predatory interaction between the spitting spider Scytodes globula and the harvestman Discocyrtus invalidus.

Ivan Ascêncio Dias

Ivan Ascêncio DiasA student at the Institute of Biosciences at the University of São Paulo (IBUSP), he has studied how the knowledge about evolution influences the religiosity among graduate students. This project was advised by Antonio Carlos Marques and co-advised by Rodrigo H Willemart.

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